2015 Has Arrived!

Hey guys! Yea, I’m still alive. Sorrry for not posting a lot, but I’m back to posting whenever there’s something to post about now. Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! For Club Penguin, 2014 was in my opinion the worst year for Club Penguin. There were like what like 20 something new puffles this year? That’s way too many. Also the parties were not good at all. But that’s all behind us because it’s 2015 now! I honestly do think this will be a great year for Club Penguin. First of all, they are starting off with an awesome party- The Star Wars Rebels Takeover. Second of all, I’m like 85% sure they are making another Festival of Flight this year, because they told me they would try to in an email. I hope you all have a wonderful new year! -Gary Louis 9


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